Water Spray Booth
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  • The water filter or spray effectively catches the particles in a stream of water and then flushes them through a water filtration system.
  • A separate circulation pump moves water from a basin and flows the water through a series of nozzles.
  • As the exhausted air passes through this waterfall or spray, the larger paint particles are caught by the water and held in the stream. The water then falls into a catch basin to be reused.
  • Generally, the basin is equipped with a series of overflow containers in which the heavier particles can be removed from the water before reentering the circulation pump.
  • Frequency of changing the water is recommended at ONCE a week to clean the paint waste built up in the basin.
  • SF-08, SF-10, SF-12, SF-16

    Model  Working Width (mm) Exhaust Fan  Water Pump  Packing size (cm) N.W. (kg)  G.W. (kg) 
    A B
    SF-08 2500 2400 2HPx2pc 2HP 265*88*165 800 900
    SF-10 3100 3000 2HPx2pc 2HP 338*85*205 1000 1150
    SF-12 3700 3600 2HPx3pc 3HP 395*88*165 1200 1350
    SF-16 4900 4800 2HPx3pc 3HP 505*88*165 1600 1800