Oil mist separator
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CNC machining oenter, CNC Lathe equipped with airtight processing space to collcet oil mist and toxic vapor. Other applications indude machinery factories, punching factories, pressing factories, fast food retail stores ect.
  • Oil and mist collection in one easy step.
  • Equipped with pressure gauge to indicate fillter status and when it should be cleaned.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Patent protectedZL200920005464.6 / M360074 / M411982
    TW-PAT.NO. M333521
    CN-PAT. NO.ZL200720182895.0


    Model Motor
    Air flow Inlet Outlet Filtration dBa
    SF-035 1HP(0.75kw) 21.12m3/min Φ6"(150mm) Φ8"(200mm) 4layers 70

    Inlet dia.(inch)
    Φ6" Φ4" Fully Closed
    Static pressure (Inch/water)
    1.5 3.3 6
    CFM (ft / min)
    746 599 0
    Air speed (m/min)
    19.5 15.5 0